About Us

Sai Elevators is a one stop for elevators and elevator parts, where the customer will get a product as per his requirements with excellent quality at affordable price and we also have high speed and hydraulic elevators, dumb waiters, hospital and goods lifts with latest technology. We are one of the independent elevator supply and service and installation firm in Bangalore.

Key objective of Sai Elevators is total customer satisfaction. The maintenance and back up systems ensure high reputability and accuracy.
Our mission is to provide safe lift operation and customer friendly services by continuously improving the operational effectiveness.
Sai Elevators reputation for uncompromising quality and service in the field is built on the standard specification.

Our register firm has highly talented, well qualified, well trained and well experienced engineers and technically skilled work force having vast knowledge in electronics, electrical & mechanical engineering of elevators. Overall we offer new elevator installation, upgrade modernization and repair services.

Sai Elevators are recognized and appreciated for effective installation.

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