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Acceptance of Terms:

The services and materials saielevators.com provides you in connection with this web site are subjected to the following Terms of Use. By accessing or registering for our Services and resources from this Site you agree to follow and are bound by the Terms of use. IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO ACCEPT THE TERMS, DO NOT USE THE SITE.

Description of Services:

The saielevators.com will render you with access to a variety of resources articles and downloads, including business and technical news and information (collectively, "Services"). The service for web solutions that includes innovations given to the users is restricted to the acceptance of terms of use. The Services, including any updates, are subject to the Terms of use.

Materials Available Pursuant to the Site:

We, saielevators.com are bound to the Terms of use and authorize you to view articles or news letters obtained from this Site directly or sent via email in conformance to a request via the Site, provided you get registered with saielevators.com.

Limitation on Use:

The services and materials given are for your reference and also with an intention to let you know more about us. Limitations for usage is restricted to misuse, copy, distribution, reproducing the content, publishing the information, or transferring the information. On offending any of these terms of use, your authorization to this site will automatically get terminated.

User Information:

Before getting registered with saielevators.com please go through the Privacy Policy and terms of use and make sure the information is accurate.

User Communication:

The user can communicate with saielevators.com with the accurate information from "Quick Contact". We establish communication to them at the earliest on submission for our business process. You are free to enquire about the type of business you would like to have with saielevators.com. The given information should be liable to the terms of use and privacy policy.


The saielevators.com has rights to change these terms of use without any prior notice. The users are requested to view this page to get updates for terms of use because you are bound to it. Any comments or questions about terms of use make comfortable to contact us. The issues will be addressed to our best.

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